How do fish get to landlocked lakes?

People love stocking sport fish like trout and have been doing so in mountain lakes for over 100 years. We stock a few golden trout and grayling. These species come from hatcheries outside the state and are increasingly difficult to get. And dry lakes can refill with water and release fish and eggs that may have survived in muddy places.

Most fish can't migrate very far overland, but their eggs can survive for several hours out of water.

Are there fish in mountain lakes?

The fishing in these high altitude gems is spectacular, but the experience is highlighted by fantastic camping, hiking, wildlife viewing and scenic views during your stay and travels to and from these unique fishing opportunities. The emerald colour of the water comes from rock flour carried into the lake by melt water from the glaciers that lie above the lake. Because fishable populations can be maintained in most high lakes by stocking small trout fry infrequently and at low densities, recreational fishing in the high lakes is one of the most cost-effective fisheries that WDFW conducts. Trout stocking in the high lakes has a long tradition that began at the turn of the 20th century when miners, loggers, lumberjacks and U.S. agencies put trout in the lakes.

What fish live in mountain lakes?

Therefore, fish caught on bait count toward your daily catch, whether you keep them or not. Events such as local wildlife (e.g. grizzly bears or poorly behaved moose) and weather can make a mountain trip a deadly experience for those who venture into the wilderness unprepared. The difficulty of access is not due to a lack of access, but to the fact that most mountain lakes and streams take time and effort for anglers to reach. Releasing a fish with a spoon or spinner hook is relatively simple and easy, while it can be difficult with a treble hook.


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