Is great capitalized?

During World War II, the region became the world's epicentre for motorised land vehicles, including cars, trucks and jeeps, as well as a major supplier of engines, transmissions and electrical components for the war-related aerospace industry. The Land Ordinance of 1785 specified how land was to be distributed in the Territory, favouring sale in small parcels to settlers who would farm their own farms. Lake Superior is different from the other lakes.

Are lake names capitalised?

Companies are unhelpful with brand names, capitalising every word that applies to their goods. Family names of relatives (kin names) are capitalised if they immediately precede a personal name or if they are used alone in place of a personal name. While a common noun denotes a general person, place or thing, a proper noun is more specific and unique, so dog is a common noun but Labrador is a proper noun. One of the most frequently asked questions about capitalisation is whether or not to capitalise occupational titles or names of political or quasi-political institutions.

Lake Michigan is capitalised because it is a specific place, the Great Lakes are capitalised because they are a specific geographical area, and the United States and Canada are both capitalised because they are the names of countries.

Do you capitalise Lake Erie?

In this sentence, the first "doctor" refers to a job title (as in the last example) and should not be capitalised. If "the" is the first word in the first name of a work, it should be capitalised (The Washington Post, The Glass Menagerie). On the other hand, if I were writing for a newspaper outside these institutions, I would not capitalise these words. The names of cities, countries, companies, religions and political parties are also proper nouns that you should also capitalise.

Probably the most thorough and widely used guide to capitalisation is the Chicago Manual of Style, but the Gregg Reference Manual is also highly recommended.

Does Lake Tahoe need to be capitalised?



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