What are the warmest lakes?

The lake is over 200 feet deep in places and the water is incredibly cold. This world-famous lake has long been said to have natural healing powers thanks to its mineral-rich waters. Madrona Park, Denny Blaine Park and Madison Beach are all places to experience Seattle's North Shore. Now it's a wonderful place to take a dip and enjoy the sheer power of nature.

However, the brave can also take a quick dip from the shoreline trail. The Wonderland Trail, which circles the lake, also passes by the lake, and other hiking destinations such as Spray Falls are right by the campsite.

Where is the water warmest in Washington State?

Of these places, the ocean near Seattle is generally the warmest, averaging 56 °F (13 °C) from mid-July to mid-September. Along with a miniature golf course with a creek and water features and Rally Ally go-karts, the park is a true lakeside amusement paradise. There's simply nothing better than sliding into a cool body of water after a car ride on a hot day, especially if the kids are with you. The water temperature in Washington is not yet warm enough for swimming and does not exceed 68°F.

What is the cleanest lake in Washington State?

The Forest Service operates an alternative campground, Glacier View Campground, further west on the south shore. Located on the edge of the cliffs of Glenwood Canyon, Hanging Lake is known for its stunning beauty and clear turquoise waters. This vast body of water, located 70 miles east of Seattle on Interstate 90, is also used for all kinds of recreational activities. There are several hiking trails and parks around Lake Crescent that are perfect for a day trip or an overnight stay.

The park also offers other activities such as swimming and fishing on the shore with a sandy beach and a 60-foot jetty.

Is Lake Washington warm enough for swimming?

Even though you're close to the city, you'll feel miles away as you swim in the crystal clear, warm water and relax on the sandy beach lined with fragrant ponderosa pines. If swimming in the lake or Puget Sound isn't your thing, no problem - Seattle also has a number of great public pools, including some outdoor ones. Magnuson Park, also on Lake Washington, has a pebble beach and a grassy area where you can spread out a towel. It's warm enough to jump in and say you did it, or if you're on a dinghy, but you wouldn't feel comfortable in the water.

Due to high pressure over the region, western WA will continue to experience unusually warm temperatures over the next few days.


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