Where are catfish usually found?

Most rivers, lakes and reservoirs in the United States have populations of one of these catfish species in large numbers. Catfish will definitely bite nightcrawlers and other worms, but some serious catfish anglers avoid them because these baits can also quickly attract the attention of smaller fish, such as sunfish, which steal the bait. Individuals larger than eight inches eat fish and large invertebrates. Bluefish grow quickly and have an estimated life expectancy of 20 to 30 years.

Although invertebrates still make up the majority of the diet, blue catfish up to four inches in length have also been known to eat fish.

Where do catfish hide in lakes?

Catfish will stay on any kind of bottom, from stones to mud, but seem to have a preference for hard bottoms, including those made of clay or gravel. Of course you can catch catfish when there is no wind, but when the wind is blowing it is usually better. My personal favourite time of year and the best time to catch flathead catfish is early to late autumn, when flathead catfish are feeding heavily and gaining weight for the cold-water period. For more exclusive catfish fishing tips, email me here, subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram and Twitter.


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