Why are lakes more dangerous?

Structures like the pier in Frankfort can attract visitors who don't know how dangerous Lake Michigan can be. Of the five Great Lakes on the border between Canada and the United States, Lake Michigan is considered the deadliest of the group. Even on hot spring days, the lakes, ponds and rivers are still cold and dangerous for swimmers. This scandalous use of natural resources lasted almost 50 years, and when it was stopped in 1990, Mono Lake had lost half its volume, its salinity had doubled, and it had become a toxic alkaline lake teeming with carbonates, chlorides and sulphates.

And into the water, where they could injure themselves on the rocks along the jetty or drown in the water.

Is it dangerous to swim in lakes?

This could be because the lake is near farmland where animals live, or where other contaminants such as fertilisers are present. The place where two rivers, streams or tributaries meet is called a confluence and can be a dangerous place to swim. If you are going to a popular or public swimming spot, do a quick online search on your state's recreation or environmental sites to find out if you can give the all-clear or if the water is contaminated. Some locals blamed the confluence, and local authorities began providing life jackets for swimmers in the area as a precaution.

The rivers may not flow as fast, but logs can trap swimmers, and large rocks and logs can tip over rafts, canoes and kayaks.

Is it common to drown in a lake?

Unlike in movies where a person lashes out and screams wildly for help, drowning in real life is often a very calm event. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in five people who die by drowning in the United States is a child aged 14 or younger. Hypothermia - the lowering of body temperature - is just one of the many dangers that can end a life when people play in Western Washington's many open rivers, lakes and salt water. However, if people improve their knowledge of these dangers, they can safely enjoy these natural wonders without suffering the terrible and lingering pain of families who have lost sons or daughters in the water.

The report also notes that African American and Native American children and youth are at increased risk of drowning deaths.


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