Are there rules to kayaking?

Lower your kayak from the jetty onto the surface of the water, making sure that the kayak remains parallel to the jetty. Once you and your friend are in position, ask your friend to hold your kayak with both hands while you climb in. When launching a kayak, the first thing you need to consider is where your starting point is. Although there is still a lot of movement on lakes and rivers, you don’t have to worry about strong tides or crashing waves as you would when launching at sea.

Some moorings can be chosen so that you can reach them at all.

Can you launch a kayak from a beach?

If you are in a state park, there may be local regulations that allow launching from the grass rather than from a ramp if your kayak is motorised. If you are launching your kayak on a coast with surf, the paddler must find a way to get into their kayak and attach their spraydeck to the coaming without being affected by the surf coming up the shore. The further up the shore you start, the greater the distance you have to cover to get your kayak into the water. Know where to park when you arrive, where to park after you have unloaded your kayak, and where to meet up with your arriving friends.

Can you launch the kayak from the boat ramp?

To stay as dry as possible, launch your kayak on a day with calm water and clear skies so you don’t have to worry about losing your balance due to wave action or too much movement. Now that you have successfully mastered launching your kayak, you are ready for a day of fun on the water. But it worked much better than the first time I launched the kayak into the water parallel to the jetty because it banged against the deck bars and caused some minor scratches. Being adventurous, I am on the water from time to time, either kayaking, hiking or fishing.

Before launching the kayak, it’s a good idea to take everything you need, such as food, a first aid kit, a towel, a phone and water in a plastic bag.