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5 Best Lake Boats for Entertaining Guests

5 Best Lake Boats for Entertaining Guests

Are you in search of an ideal boat to create memorable moments with your guests on a serene lake? Whether you’re organizing a lively party, a delightful family gathering, or simply aiming to have a fantastic time with friends, selecting the perfect boat can significantly enhance your experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the top-rated lake boats that excel in entertaining guests. From expansive deck boats designed for optimum comfort to opulent pontoon boats that exude luxury, we will present a diverse selection of options that guarantee an enjoyable and versatile adventure on the water. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey of leisure, camaraderie, and sheer fun!

1. MasterCraft XT22

The MasterCraft XT22 is an exceptional lake boat designed to create an unforgettable experience for entertaining guests. This boat stands out from the rest with its many outstanding features. Measuring 22 feet in length, it offers ample space to comfortably accommodate up to 16 passengers, ensuring everyone can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable ride. Equipped with a robust engine boasting an impressive output of up to 520 horsepower, the XT22 allows you to cruise at exhilarating speeds of up to 43 knots.

One of the highlights of the XT22 is its remarkable entertainment system. Complete with a state-of-the-art stereo system, a convenient wet bar, and a stunning array of vibrant LED lights, it sets the perfect ambiance for hosting and entertaining your guests. Whether it’s a lively party or a laid-back gathering, the XT22 creates an inviting atmosphere that guarantees a memorable time on the water.

Additionally, the XT22 boasts a spacious platform that is ideal for various recreational activities. Whether you prefer lounging, swimming, or simply spending quality time with your friends and family, the expansive platform provides ample room for everyone to relax and enjoy the picturesque views of the lake.

MasterCraft XT22

2. Bennington QX Sport

The Bennington QX Sport is an exceptional choice when it comes to a lake boat that excels in entertaining guests, offering a remarkable blend of versatility and comfort. With its powerful outboard engine, the 34O model delivers an impressive performance, reaching speeds of 25-plus knots. Boasting a 450-gallon fuel tank, this boat can cover a distance of up to 345 nautical miles, ensuring your guests experience an exhilarating ride on the water. Moreover, its sleek metallic-gray hull color adds a touch of sportiness, guaranteed to catch the eye of onlookers.

Step aboard the Bennington QX Sport and discover its inviting interior. Adorned with elegant American cherry-clad finishes, the cabin provides a cozy retreat for guests. Featuring a queen-size berth, a separate head and shower area, and an air-conditioned cabin with generous 6-foot-6-inch headroom, this lake boat is perfect for overnight stays. The U-shaped seating that converts into a queen berth adds to the versatility of the interior, accommodating guests comfortably. Additionally, the sturdy portside steps ensure safe boarding, even in challenging rocky conditions.

The Bennington QX Sport combines superior performance, stylish aesthetics, and a comfortable interior, making it an exceptional choice for entertaining guests on the lake. Whether you’re cruising at impressive speeds, enjoying the luxurious cabin amenities, or ensuring safe and convenient boarding, this boat offers an all-around excellent experience. Elevate your entertainment game and create unforgettable memories with the Bennington QX Sport as your trusted companion on the water.

Bennington QX Sport

3. Regal 33 Express

When it comes to lake boat entertainment, the Regal 33 Express Cruiser stands out as an exceptional choice, offering an impressive combination of versatility and functionality. With its single-level cockpit sole, this boat provides an abundance of space for relaxation and unwinding. The UltraLounge multi-position seat is an outstanding feature, which offers an impressive 11 inches of extra legroom. It can be conveniently positioned facing forward during cruising or turned aft to enjoy the breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Below deck, the cabin of the Regal 33 Express Cruiser boasts luxurious and accommodating amenities. The salon features a comfortable settee and a well-equipped galley, ensuring that all your culinary needs are met while onboard. The full head with a shower adds a touch of convenience and luxury to your experience. Furthermore, the cabin offers a king-sized convertible berth, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating sleep after a day filled with adventure and entertainment.

The Regal 33 Express Cruiser is equipped with twin Yamaha outboards, providing quick and efficient propulsion. Alongside the outboards, Yamaha Electronics take the helm, making your boating experience a breeze. With features such as a joystick and a bow thruster, docking becomes an effortless task, enhancing safety and ease of use.

Regal 33 Express

4. Bayliner 3988

The Bayliner 3988 emerges as an exceptional choice for entertaining guests on the lake, offering a winning combination of size, maneuverability, and comfort. Measuring 34’3″ in length and 11′ in width, this boat provides an abundance of space to comfortably accommodate up to 8 people. Guests will have ample room to move around, socialize, and truly enjoy their time on board.

One of the key advantages of the Bayliner 3988 is its exceptional maneuverability, thanks to its two outboard motors. This feature allows the boat to swiftly navigate through the water, effortlessly reaching any desired lake destination. Whether exploring scenic spots or engaging in water sports, the Bayliner 3988 ensures a seamless and exhilarating journey.

Furthermore, with a dry weight of 11,685 pounds, the Bayliner 3988 is remarkably light and manageable, making it easy for two people to handle. This lightweight construction facilitates smooth and effortless navigation, allowing for a stress-free boating experience.

Bayliner 3988

5. Sea Ray Sundancer

The Sea Ray Sundancer 320 stands out as an exceptional choice for entertaining guests on the lake, thanks to its innovative design that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces. With a perfect balance between functionality and comfort, this boat offers a host of features that make entertaining effortless and enjoyable.

The Sundancer 320 boasts a spacious bow sun lounge, providing ample room for up to three people. Complete with convenient cup holders and a stereo remote. It ensures a relaxing and enjoyable sunbathing experience. Just behind the captain’s sofa, a versatile moveable lounge comfortably accommodates eight guests, fostering engaging conversations and creating a social hub on board.

A standout feature of the Sundancer 320 is the deck lounge, featuring a wet bar with the option to include a grill and refrigerator. This addition allows for seamless and hassle-free entertaining, as guests can indulge in refreshing beverages and delicious grilled delicacies. The deck lounge becomes the perfect spot to gather, socialize, and create lasting memories.

Sea Ray Sundancer

What Kind of lake boat is best for entertaining guests?

1. Deck Boats: The Ultimate Party Vessels

Deck boats are known for their spacious decks, making them an excellent choice for hosting parties and gatherings. With their wide-open layouts, deck boats provide ample seating and room for guests to move around comfortably. These boats often feature multiple lounging areas, a swim platform, and even an onboard restroom. Their stable and smooth ride ensures a comfortable experience for all on board.

2. Pontoon Boats: Comfort and Versatility Combined

Pontoon boats are a popular choice for entertaining guests on lakes due to their versatility and comfort. These boats feature a large, flat deck area that provides ample space for seating and socializing. Pontoon boats can be customized with various seating configurations, entertainment systems, and even grills for the ultimate onboard experience. With their shallow drafts, pontoon boats can navigate both calm and shallow waters with ease.

3. Bowrider Boats: Perfect for Water Sports and Relaxation

If you’re looking for a boat that offers both water sports excitement and a comfortable lounging area, a bowrider boat is an excellent choice. These boats feature a spacious bow area with seating and a roomy cockpit. Bowrider boats are known for their powerful engines, making them perfect for water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. After an action-packed day, you and your guests can relax in the comfortable seating areas and soak up the sun.

4. Cuddy Cabin Boats: A Blend of Comfort and Functionality

Cuddy cabin boats combine the features of a cabin cruiser and a bowrider boat, offering a versatile and functional option for entertaining on the lake. These boats feature a small cabin area with a berth, a head compartment, and sometimes a small galley. The open cockpit area provides seating and space for socializing. Cuddy cabin boats are ideal for day trips or for guests to relax and have a comfortable experience on the water.

5. Center Console Boats: Ideal for Fishing and Entertaining

If you and your guests enjoy fishing along with entertainment, a center console boat is a great choice. These boats are designed with a console in the center, providing easy access to all areas of the boat. Center console boats offer ample seating, storage, and fishing amenities such as rod holders and live wells. Their versatility, stability, and spaciousness create a perfect environment for fishing enthusiasts and socializing with friends.

group of friends diving in the water during a boat excursion


What is a pontoon boat, and why is it a good option for lake entertainment?

A pontoon boat is a flat-bottomed boat, usually constructed with an aluminum frame and plastic or wooden planks. It is an ideal choice for lake entertainment because it offers a wide, stable deck with ample seating and standing space for guests. Pontoons are perfect for a leisurely trip and taking in the surroundings because they are relatively slow boats compared to other types of ships. Many models also come with kitchen space, a porta-potty, and other luxurious features, allowing couples to spend a romantic weekend on the lake. Additionally, pontoon boats can be used for fishing and water sports that are not too intense. Finally, their size makes them ideal for private boat docks, and they are easy to load onto a trailer. All of these features make pontoon boats an excellent option for lake entertainment.

How many guests can typically fit on a boat designed for lake entertaining?

The amount of guests that can typically fit on a boat designed for lake entertaining depends on the size and type of boat. Pontoon boats are generally the best for entertaining due to their large size and capacity to hold up to 10-12 people. Cabin cruisers can hold up to a dozen people, while a fishing party in an Explorer 685HT boat can accommodate a few people. Deck and pontoon boats are also great for fishing parties, with enough room for a few anglers on deck.

How do I find a reliable boat rental company if I don’t own a boat?

If you want to go boating on a lake but don’t own a boat, you can rent one from a reliable boat rental company. Here’s a step-by-step guide to finding the right rental for you:

Research different types of boats: Think about the activities you want to do and what type of boat would be best for those activities. Familiarize yourself with pontoon boats, fishing boats, jet skis, and sailboats and what types of activities they are best suited for.

Set a budget: Estimate the cost of the boat rental, including gear, accessories, registration, insurance, annual fuel, storage, and maintenance costs.

Check availability: Contact local boat rental companies to check availability and rates. Ask about any additional fees and services they provide.

Read reviews: Once you have narrowed it down to a few boat rental companies, read online reviews to better understand the company and its services.

Make a reservation: Make a reservation with the boat rental company and confirm all details, including the type of boat, rental period, and payment terms.

Following these steps, you can easily find a reliable boat rental company for your next lake adventure.

What should I wear when boating on the lake?

When boating on the lake, it’s essential to be prepared and wear the proper attire. To ensure a comfortable and safe boating experience, wear lightweight and breathable clothes, such as shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals or boat shoes. A hat and sunglasses can help protect you from the sun’s rays, and a life jacket is a must for any activity on the water. Additionally, it is essential to consider the weather conditions of the area you are boating in and be prepared with layers if necessary. These layers include a light raincoat or windbreaker, a long-sleeve shirt, and a warm jacket.

How can I learn to operate a boat safely and legally on the lake?

Taking a boating course is recommended as it can provide boaters with information on common courtesy while on the water and the best practices for operating a boat. You can also do some research on the best boat brands for lakes and the models of boats that suit their requirements and preferences the most. Finally, it is essential to always obey applicable laws regarding alcohol usage, personal flotation devices, and safety equipment such as fire extinguishers.

Can I rent a lake boat to entertain guests?

Yes, many marinas and boat rental companies offer a wide range of boats that are suitable for entertaining guests on a lake. You can choose the boat type and duration of rental based on your specific needs.