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5 Best Lake Boats for Entertaining Guests

5 Best Lake Boats for Entertaining Guests

There’s nothing like hosting friends and family on a beautiful summer day. But entertaining guests can be a pain if you don’t have the right lake boat.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the five best boats for entertaining guests so that you can make the most of your time on the water. From pontoon boats to party barges, there’s something for everyone on this list. And no matter what your budget is, we’ve got you covered.

So whether you’re looking to make a splash or just want to relax on the water with your friends, check out our list of the five best lake boats for entertaining guests.

1. MasterCraft XT22

The MasterCraft XT22 is a great lake boat for entertaining guests due to its many exceptional features. First, its length of 22 feet provides plenty of space for up to 16 passengers to enjoy a comfortable ride. The boat also has a powerful engine with an output of up to 520 horsepower, allowing you to cruise at a top speed of up to 43 knots. The XT22 features a stereo system, a wet bar, and an array of LED lights, creating the perfect atmosphere for entertaining guests. Furthermore, the XT22 has a spacious platform, ideal for lounging, swimming, and spending time with friends and family. All these features combined make the MasterCraft XT22 an excellent lake boat for entertaining guests.

MasterCraft XT22

2. Bennington QX Sport

The Bennington QX Sport is an ideal lake boat for entertaining guests due to its versatility and comfort. With its mighty outboard power, the 34O can reach a top speed of 25-plus knots and goes up to 345 nautical miles with its 450-gallon fuel tank, providing guests with an exciting ride. Additionally, the sporty metallic-gray hull color will surely turn heads. The interior of the Bennington QX Sport also adds to the appeal. With its American cherry-clad cabin featuring a queen-size berth, separate head and shower, and air-conditioned cabin with 6-foot-6-inch headroom and U-shape seating that converts to a queen berth, it is perfect for overnight stays. In addition, the sturdy portside steps make boarding much safer, even in rocky conditions. With its superior performance, stylish looks, and comfortable interior, the Bennington QX Sport is an all-around excellent lake boat for entertaining guests.

Bennington QX Sport

3. Regal 33 Express

The Regal 33 Express Cruiser is an excellent choice for lake boat entertainment due to its impressive versatility and functionality. With a single-level cockpit sole, the boat offers plenty of space to stretch out and relax. Additionally, the boat features an UltraLounge multi-position seat which provides 11” of extra legroom and can face forward while cruising or face aft to enjoy the view. Below the deck, the cabin has luxurious and accommodating amenities, including a salon with a settee and a galley, a full head with shower, and a king-sized convertible berth. Additionally, the boat features twin Yamaha outboards for a quick escape and Yamaha electronics that almost do the driving for you, including a joystick and bow thruster for easy docking. With all these features, the Regal 33 Express Cruiser provides an enjoyable and comfortable experience and is an excellent choice for lake boat entertainment.

Regal 33 Express

4. Bayliner 3988

The Bayliner 3988 is an excellent lake boat for entertaining guests due to its size, maneuverability, and comfort. At 34’3” long and 11’ wide, it has enough room to comfortably fit up to 8 people and also provides plenty of room for guests to move around and socialize. Additionally, its two outboard motors make it highly maneuverable, allowing it to quickly reach any lake destination. Finally, its 11,685lb dry weight makes it light enough to handle two people with ease, allowing for smooth and effortless navigation. With ample room, maneuverability, and ease of use, the Bayliner 3988 is the perfect lake boat for entertaining guests.

Bayliner 3988

5. Sea Ray Sundancer

The Sea Ray Sundancer 320 is an excellent lake boat for entertaining guests due to its reimagined balance of indoor and outdoor space and its array of features that make entertaining both effortless and enjoyable. Its spacious bow sun lounge offers enough room for three people and comes with cup holders and a stereo remote for easy listening. The moveable lounge just behind the captain’s sofa can comfortably host eight guests, and a wet bar with an optional grill and refrigerator in the deck lounge allows for effortless entertaining. Furthermore, the cabin below provides comfortable sleeping for four, and its starboard side cockpit seating has a moveable table with two pedestals that can be arranged to the owner’s liking. With plenty of room to host both indoors and outdoors, the Sundancer 320 is the perfect lake boat for entertaining guests.

Sea Ray Sundancer

What Kind of lake boat is best for entertaining guests?

When it comes to entertaining guests on the lake, there are a few boat options ideal for the job. Between deck boats, cabin cruisers, pontoon boats, and ski/wakeboard boats, the best boat for entertaining guests largely depends on the size of the lake, the activities that will be pursued, and the budget available.

Pontoon boats are perfect for lake cruising, with their wide, stable decks that offer plenty of seating and their often equipped swimming platforms and ladders for easy re-entry. Deck boats offer plenty of entertaining space and can feature wet bars, grills, and more. Cabin cruisers are great for overnight stays and entertaining at dockside, while ski and wakeboard boats are excellent for thrilling guests with their powerful stereo systems and for transporting multiple people for watersports activities.

No matter what type of lake boat is chosen, it’s important to consider the size, activities, and budget when selecting the best boat for entertaining guests.

group of friends diving in the water during a boat excursion


What is a pontoon boat, and why is it a good option for lake entertainment?

A pontoon boat is a flat-bottomed boat, usually constructed with an aluminum frame and plastic or wooden planks. It is an ideal choice for lake entertainment because it offers a wide and stable deck with ample seating and standing space for guests. Pontoons are perfect for a leisurely trip and taking in the surroundings because they are relatively slow boats in comparison to other types of ships. Many models also come with kitchen space, a porta-potty, and other luxurious features, allowing couples to spend a romantic weekend on the lake. Additionally, pontoon boats can be used for fishing and water sports that are not too intense. Finally, their size makes them ideal for private boat docks, and they are easy to load onto a trailer. All of these features make pontoon boats an excellent option for lake entertainment.

How many guests can typically fit on a boat designed for lake entertaining?

The amount of guests that can typically fit on a boat designed for lake entertaining depends on the size and type of boat. Pontoon boats are generally the best for entertaining due to their large size and capacity to hold up to 10-12 people. Cabin cruisers can hold up to a dozen people, while a fishing party in an Explorer 685HT boat can accommodate a few people. Deck and pontoon boats are also great for fishing parties, with enough room for a few anglers on deck.

How do I find a reliable boat rental company if I don’t own a boat?

If you want to go boating on a lake but don’t own a boat, you can rent one from a reliable boat rental company. Here’s a step-by-step guide to finding the right rental for you:

Research different types of boats: Think about the activities you want to do and what type of boat would be best for those activities. Familiarize yourself with pontoon boats, fishing boats, jet skis, and sailboats and what types of activities they are best suited for.

Set a budget: Estimate the cost of the boat rental, including gear, accessories, registration, insurance, annual fuel, storage, and maintenance costs.

Check availability: Contact local boat rental companies to check availability and rates. Ask about any additional fees and services they provide.

Read reviews: Once you have narrowed it down to a few boat rental companies, read online reviews to better understand the company and its services.

Make a reservation: Make a reservation with the boat rental company and confirm all details, including the type of boat, rental period, and payment terms.

Following these steps, you can easily find a reliable boat rental company for your next lake adventure.

What should I wear when boating on the lake?

When boating on the lake, it’s essential to be prepared and wear the proper attire. To ensure a comfortable and safe boating experience, wear lightweight and breathable clothes, such as shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals or boat shoes. A hat and sunglasses can help protect you from the sun’s rays, and a life jacket is a must for any activity on the water. Additionally, it is essential to consider the weather conditions of the area you are boating in and be prepared with layers if necessary. These layers include a light raincoat or windbreaker, a long-sleeve shirt, and a warm jacket.

How can I learn to operate a boat safely and legally on the lake?

Taking a boating course is recommended as it can provide boaters with information on common courtesy while on the water and the best practices for operating a boat. You can also do some research on the best boat brands for lakes and the models of boats that suit their requirements and preferences the most. Finally, it is essential to always obey applicable laws regarding alcohol usage, personal flotation devices, and safety equipment such as fire extinguishers.