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11 Best Submersible Fishing Lights for Bait and Night Fishing

11 Best Submersible Fishing Lights for Bait and Night Fishing

Underwater LED fishing lights offer fishermen an easy and affordable way to increase their chances of catching more fish. These devices are powered by long-lasting batteries, making them ideal for long periods out on the water. Additionally, they provide excellent illumination, making them great for night fishing as well.

Here we have listed eleven of the best submersible fishing lights that you can buy today:

12V LED Submersible Fishing Light

This submersible fishing light offers 180 super bright LED lights, making it perfect for night-time angling. The built-in suction cup allows it to conveniently attach to boats or docks, while the waterproof design keeps the lights functional even in wet conditions. With a 12V 120 LED power source and an 18-month warranty, this light is ideal for bass, crappie, squid, and shrimp fishing. You can buy this product online or in-store today.

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Green Blob DOCK-7500 Lumen Submersible Fishing Light

This high-performance submersible fishing light is perfect for serious anglers who want to extend their nights of fish-watching. It features 15,000 lumens of LED light, a 360-degree viewing angle, and a self-weighted system that eliminates the need for weights. It is also versatile and durable enough to be used in both fresh and salt water.

The remote control allows users to change colors with 20 static colors, five levels for speed, strobe, and constant and dimmable options easily while fishing. Furthermore, it comes with its own battery just in case power goes out, so anglers can rest assured they won’t miss out on any opportunities when night falls!

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Ankey 12V 45W Submersible Fishing Light

The Monkey 12V 45W 2500 Lumen 24.6Ft Power Cord Lure Bait Submersible Fishing Light features a 6-sided LED design that provides 1000 lumens of output and a power draw of only 100W, making it one of the brightest saltwater fishing lights on the market today.

It also boasts a replaceable inner globe for long-lasting performance, and its lightweight and durable construction make it easy to transport and store. This light is designed specifically for saltwater fishing, allowing anglers to catch even the biggest fish in moments with its bright light. It can be purchased on Amazon for convenience.

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Amarine-made 180 LED Underwater Fishing Light

The Amarine-made 180 LED 1000 Lumens Underwater Fishing Light is a powerful and reliable fish finder that has eight separate bright LEDs capable of providing a well-lit environment in saltwater, freshwater, and cold water environments. This device is powered by a heavy-duty power cord and battery clips for added safety while fishing in murky waters.

It also has a 50,000-hour battery life span with 1000-lumen brightness and is made from environmentally conscious materials such as recycled plastic and lead-free batteries. With this bait finder, anglers can be sure to have a successful fishing experience with guaranteed smiles on their faces!

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Hydro Glow Underwater LED Fishing Lights

The Hydro Glow underwater LED lights feature a waterproof connector that runs on a 12V power source, providing up to 648 high-output LEDs and up to 4,000 lumens of brightness. The emit ultraviolet-colored light is up to 60% brighter than most conventional lights, and the 360-degree light pattern offers a wider scope of illumination.

These lights are designed for rugged marine environments and can last for up to 80,000 hours with minimal maintenance requirements. They are also safe for use in saltwater, freshwater, or decorative ponds and pools.

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Linkstyle 12V LED Underwater Fishing Light

The Linkstyle LED Submersible Fishing Light is perfect for all your nighttime fishing needs. It features high-quality LEDs set in a durable aluminum alloy frame with silicon filing that provides excellent waterproofing capabilities, allowing it to be used in fresh and saltwater environments.

With 10.5 watts of energy and 1000 lumens of brightness, this light creates an aura that can attract a high number of fish while lasting up to 50,000 hours continuously. Easy to attach to fishing nets or cages with the included straps and hooks, it also offers an 18-month warranty for total peace of mind while out on your night-time fishing trips!

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SF 12V 45W 108 LED Submersible Fishing Light

This bait submersible fishing light has 180 super bright LEDs, making it one of the most powerful options. Easily plug this light into a boat or shore power source to get started fishing right away! The aluminum alloy frame and watertight rubber caps ensure a high-quality build that is designed to last.

Three colors – white, green, and blue – are available to select the perfect option for your favorite spot. With an 18-month warranty backing it up, this bait submersible fishing light will provide reliable performance every time.

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Lightingsky 180 Submersible LED Fishing Light

The Lightingsky 180 Submersible LED Fishing Light is one of the best submersible fishing lights due to its high Lumens, quality build, waterproof and leakproof construction, attractive green lights, and 18-month warranty. This light is perfect for both bait and night fishing, as well as ice fishing.

The Lightingsky 180 Submersible LED Fishing Light comes with a carabiner hook for easy attachment to your fishing line, as well as a lanyard for easy carrying. Its 30-day Amazon warranty and reliable construction make it a great choice for any angler.

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Fire-Water Marine 12V MAXX LED Green Submersible Fishing Light

This heavy-duty submersible fishing light has a saltwater-resistant cap for extra durability. Boasting 2000 lumens of power, it is one of the most efficient lights available and is designed to attract various kinds of fish, making it perfect for night fishing. The unit also offers excellent energy efficiency to help conserve battery life and a 10,000-lumen output that guarantees plenty of fish during your night-time trips.

Compact in size, this light is great for portable use and comes with alligator clamps for stability while submerged in water. The Fire-Water Marine 12V MAXX LED Green Underwater Submersible Night Fishing Light is an ideal choice for bait and night fishing!

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HUSUKU LED Underwater Fishing Light

The Husuku LED Underwater Fishing Light is an excellent choice for anglers looking for an affordable and effective way to bait and night fish. It features 1000 lumens of brightness and up to 120 super bright LED lights, providing enhanced illumination in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Additionally, the design is versatile enough to match any boat or dock decor, making it a practical choice that won’t break the bank. The Night Finder Underwater Light is also energy-efficient, offering a 1-year warranty on all their products – giving you peace of mind when fishing in dark waters!

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kilofly Green Underwater Fishing Light

The Kilofly 4 Set Green Underwater Fishing Light is ideal for casual fishermen and serious anglers alike. It has 20 static colors, as well as 5-levels speed control, strobe mode, constant light mode, and dimmable options to customize your experience while fishing at night. Additionally, the light is waterproof and durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and multiple drops, making it a reliable choice for all kinds of night-time fishing trips.

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What are the best qualities to look for in a submersible fishing light?

Power source

When choosing a submersible fishing light, the power source is one of the most important factors to consider. Some lights are powered by batteries, while others are powered by direct current (DC). If you plan on using your light for extended periods, it is crucial to choose a light with a long battery life.


Brightness is an important quality to consider when choosing a submersible fishing light for night fishing, as it allows fishermen to observe their catch better. A minimum of 800 lumens of light output is recommended for adequate illumination in dark waters.

Wavelength Color

The wavelengths of different colors can impact the effectiveness of a submersible fishing light. The use of green light is often seen as the most effective, as it matches the natural colors of many prey species that are hunted while fishing. Blue or yellow light doesn’t have the same effect, as they have a warmer white tint, which isn’t as attractive to fish.

Additionally, humans have three visual pigments – blue, green, and yellow – and using an underwater green fishing light takes advantage of these two receptors fish to possess for successful night-time hunting.


It is essential to consider wattage when selecting a submersible fishing light as it affects the quality of the light. The lower the watts, the less energy is required for operation. Lumen ratings determine how bright a light will be and how much light it will emit, with higher lumens indicating more brightness.

Power cord length

The power cord length of submersible fishing lights affects the amount of time they can be used before needing to be recharged. A longer power cord length means that the lights can be used for a longer time, and many models come with a 60-day warranty and very lengthy cords.


Durability is an important quality to consider when choosing a submersible fishing light because it ensures the light will last for a longer period of time. By opting for a light with greater durability, users can enjoy more efficient energy use and less battery consumption, allowing them to spend more time engaging in their favorite hobby.


Waterproofness is an important quality to look for in a submersible fishing light because it can be costly to waterproof a fishing light. A waterproof fishing light offers a brighter light, is more cost-effective, and has more features than less water-resistant ones.

Heat dissipation

Heat dissipation is an essential factor to consider when using a submersible fishing light, as it can help prevent overheating and water leakage. Without proper heat dissipation, the equipment risks failing due to excess heat that can cause damage and create safety hazards.

Penetration ability

When choosing a submersible fishing light, an important quality to consider is its penetration ability. Penetration ability refers to how far the light is able to reach underwater, making it ideal for species such as snook that are often found in shallow waters. A fishing light with superior penetration ability can illuminate more of the water and give fishermen a better chance of seeing fish.

Battery life

Battery life is an important quality to look for in a submersible fishing light because it determines how long the light can be used without needing to be recharged. Longer battery life means the light can last through an entire night of fishing, while shorter battery life means the light may need to be recharged during the course of a night.

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What are the features of the best submersible fishing lights?

Submersible fishing lights are designed with a wide range of features, such as a lightweight design, long lifespan, and wide illumination range, making them an ideal choice for both shallow and deep sea fishing. They also come with user-friendly controls that make them great for use by beginners.

Furthermore, most of these devices feature a weighted swivel clip and interlock snap, allowing the user to attach it to the fishing line or rod easily. These lights boast lifespans of up to 30 hours for added convenience, making them perfect for lengthy night fishing sessions or extended trips into distant waters.

How do submersible fishing lights compare to other lights?

Submersible fishing lights are often preferred for shallow-water fishing as they project a wide range of colors, including green and white. Submersible lights are waterproof, making them suitable for both surface and deep-water fishing.

LED submersible fishing lights have the advantage of being brighter and lasting longer than other types of fishing lights. Furthermore, the clarity of the water is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a submersible light, as it will determine how far down into the depths the light can reach.

What are the benefits of using a submersible fishing light?

Submersible fishing lights offer a variety of benefits. They are better for fishing in shallow water or at night since they illuminate the surface area and beneath the water. Submersible lights are more cost-effective than floating lights and can be used for surface and deep-water fishing.

Furthermore, submersible LED lights have superior depth penetration compared to other types of lighting, making them ideal for saltwater fishing. Additionally, because they are submerged underwater, these lights attract fewer insects and mosquitos than floating options. Finally, submersible fishing lights are less likely to get lost or stolen when tethered to a boat due to their secure placement in the water.

What are the drawbacks of using a submersible fishing light?

The drawbacks of using a submersible fishing light include that it is not as bright or bulky and attracts insects. Additionally, lateral light penetration is limited compared to a floating fishing light.

How long do submersible fishing lights last?

Submersible fishing lights come in three varieties – LED, uncovered bulb, and covered bulb – and each type has a different life span. LED lights tend to be the most durable and have the most extended lifespans of all submersible fishing lights. It is essential to check the warranty information before making a purchase to ensure that the light will last for as long as possible.

How bright are submersible fishing lights?

Third-party sources suggest that a submersible fishing light should produce at least 800 lumens of brightness for optimal success when fishing at night. Thus, it is crucial to consider the lamp’s brightness when choosing which submersible fishing light to purchase to ensure that it will be effective in attracting fish.

What colors do submersible fishing lights come in?

Submersible fishing lights come in three colors: green, blue, and white. Green fishing lights are the most commonly used and attract fish, but they can also be used to attract other organisms. Blue and white fishing lights serve the same purpose as green lights but are less attractive to fish.

What is the price range of submersible fishing lights?

The price range for submersible fishing lights can vary depending on the light’s type, brand, and features. The price range can vary from $13 to $199. Some of the more popular lights in this range are LED lights that use less power, have a longer life, and are easier to mount.