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Diamond Valley Lake Fishing

Diamond Valley Lake Fishing

Diamond Valley Lake is an artificial lake located in the San Bernardino Mountains. The lake was created in the early 1920s by constructing a hydroelectric power plant. Diamond Valley Lake is a popular tourist destination, with activities such as fishing, swimming, boating, and hiking.

Diamond Valley Lake has a large variety of fish. The most common fish caught are rainbow trout, catfish, and bass. There is an exceptional fishing area for children who want to catch their own fish. This area has smaller lakes that have been stocked with trout.

What kind of fish are in Diamond Valley Lake?

Largemouth bass

The largemouth bass is the main attraction at Diamond Valley Lake. Largemouths in the 4- to 5-pound range are common and true giants can be caught yearly. Soft plastic baits work well on drop shots and Texas rigs for catching bass around submerged rocks and drop-offs.

Largemouth bass can be caught in abundance at Diamond Valley Lake. The lake is among the few Southern California lakes supporting a healthy bass population.

In the spring, largemouth bass is active at dawn and dusk. They feed on small baitfish in shallow water along weed beds or drop-offs. Soft plastic baits work well for anglers fishing from shore, but casting a small spinner bait or jig is more effective for boat anglers.

Largemouth bass in a hand


The different types of trout found in Diamond Valley Lake are Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Brown Trout, and Brook Trout. Rainbow Trout are the most popular type of trout in Diamond Valley Lake. They are usually found in the deep parts of the lake where there is cooler water.

Cutthroat trout are also found in Diamond Valley Lake and usually near the shoreline in areas with lots of vegetation. Brown Trout are typically found in areas with rocky bottoms and clear water. Brook Trout is commonly found in small streams or creeks with cold water and lots of vegetation.

Trout in a net


There are catfish in Diamond Valley Lake. They prefer warmer water and will come to the surface as the temperature increases.

They will eat anything, including other fish. They are not picky eaters! If you have a trotline (a line with hooks on it), catch them by the mouth and throw them in the boat.

You can also catch them with a hand line (a fishing pole) baited with worms or chicken livers. If you have fishing gear, try it out! The best catfish bait is nightcrawlers. You can also use cut bait, such as Cut anchovies, shrimp, or mackerel.

catfish in a hook

Striped bass

Striped bass is a native fish to Diamond Valley Lake and thrives in the ecosystem. The state stocks most of the striper population at Diamond Valley Lake, with occasional reproduction occurring naturally. These voracious eaters grow up to five feet in length and can weigh over fifty pounds.

Try casting shad-imitating baits high in the water column to target these fish. Striped bass is opportunistic feeders and will strike almost anything that looks like it might be food. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different lures and bait until you find what works best.

Striped bass


The bluegill fish is found in 5-20 feet of water around dams, banks, and over by the dam. The bluegill fish is often found near areas with vegetation and sand. The bluegills are baitfish that can be used for Panfish and other types of fish. Some baits for bluegills include nightcrawlers, crickets, mini jigs, and rebel crank hoppers.

The best time to fish for bluegills is in the morning and evening. The best bait to use is a nightcrawler. Nightcrawlers can be found at bait shops and in your backyard. If you want to catch bluegills, try using a nightcrawler on a mini jig with a bobber.

Bluegill in a hand

How to get a fishing license for Diamond Valley Lake?

To fish at Diamond Valley Lake, you must have a valid fishing license. Getting a permit includes a range of checks and requirements to ensure the quality of the fishing experience. You can obtain permits at most stores or online.

Diamond Valley Lake is home to various fish and has a guide service to help you catch them. Fishing licenses and permits can be purchased from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The fishing season at Diamond Valley Lake is from early May to the end of September.

When is the best time to fish at Diamond Valley Lake?

The best time to fish at Diamond Valley Lake is early morning or evening. The water temperature rises during these times, making it easier for you to catch various fish species. The best time of the year to fish at Diamond Valley Lake is during the summer months.

Diamond Valley Lake has several fish species. These include largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and catfish. Some non-native fish in the lake were also introduced for sport fishing purposes. These include rainbow trout and brown trout.

What are the best fishing spots at Diamond Valley Lake?

Diamond Valley Lake is an excellent place for fishing. There are a few restrictions on the number and size of catches, so please check beforehand. The best spot for fishing is near the dam, where there is easy access to deep water. There are also good spots along the shoreline where you can fish from the shore or a boat.

What tackle and bait to use at Diamond Valley Lake?

There are a few things to consider when fishing at Diamond Valley Lake, such as the type of fish you’re hoping to catch and what time of year it is. For example, giant catfish can be found in deep coves and near the dam, so using natural bait like anchovies and nightcrawlers is a good idea.

Panfish can be caught throughout the year, but they usually stay in shallower water (10 feet or less), so using small jigs with nightcrawlers is a good option. Diamond Valley Lake has a lot of basses, so using plastic worms and crankbaits is the best way to catch them. When there’s ice on the lake in the winter, try using jigs and minnows.