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18 Best Free Lake Michigan Beaches for Families and Kids

18 Best Free Lake Michigan Beaches for Families and Kids

Looking for a great summer getaway? Wisconsin’s Lake Michigan shore is the perfect spot for a family vacation. With miles of sandy beaches, there’s plenty of room to relax and enjoy the sunny weather.

And best of all, many of these beaches are free! Here are our picks for the best free Lake Michigan beaches for families and kids:

1. North Bar Lake Beach

North Bar Lake beach is excellent for families and kids because it offers stunning views of Lake Michigan and amenities such as restrooms, a beach house, a picnic area, and a playground. The shallow water is also perfect for swimming or just relaxing on the sand.

To get to North Bar Lake from Muskegon State Park, you need to follow the trail for 800 feet until you see golden sand and clear water. The park itself has two miles of shoreline that you can explore, along with restrooms and other facilities.

     North Bar Lake Beach

    2. Tiscornia Park

    Tiscornia Park is excellent for families and kids due to its beautiful scenery, warm shallow water, and plenty of activities. It offers spectacular views of the surrounding area and a picnic area on the beach. Visitors can swim in the calm waters or experience climbing up and down dunes. There are also public restrooms and a pavilion for shade or shelter from inclement weather.

    Tiscornia Park is located in Muskegon, Michigan, on Lake Michigan’s shoreline near Silver Beach, another popular local attraction that visitors should check out if they have time. Additionally, downtown St Joseph offers fine dining options and boutique shopping if visitors need some last-minute items before heading home after their trip to Tiscornia Park!

    Tiscornia Park

    3. Oval Beach

    Oval Beach is one of the best beaches on Lake Michigan because it offers clean white sand, rolling dunes, and natural beauty. It’s located in Saugatuck, a popular town known for its restaurants, theater, and shopping – making it an ideal destination for a day out with family or friends. Additionally, Oval Beach has modern bathroom facilities with showers, lifeguards, and amenities such as a swing set area and picnic tables – making it ideal for families with kids of all ages.

    Oval Beach is located near the Saugatuck Harbor Natural Area and Kalamazoo River in southeastern Michigan at 690 Perryman St., Saugatuck 49453. Visitors can park right next to the beach entrance making it easy to enter or exit quickly during busy summer weekends when parking tends to fill up fast.

    Oval Beach

    4. Pierport Beach

    Pierport Beach is excellent for families and kids because it offers an ideal combination of seclusion, beauty, and amenities. The beach is located at the end of 13 Mile Road in Manistee County and is relatively isolated from other popular beaches in Holland or Grand Haven.

    It has a 200-foot handicap-accessible walkway on the beach to make traveling through the sand easier for everyone; facilities such as a snack bar, beach house, restrooms, playgrounds; picnic areas; and sand volleyball courts. Plus, there are stunning sunset vistas to take in and opportunities to spot birds flying through the skies.

    Pierport Beach can be accessed from 3510 Channel Drive in Muskegon, Michigan 49441, or by taking 13 Mile Road west out of Manistee County toward Muskegon.

    Pierport Beach

    5. Douglas Beach Park

    Douglas Beach Park is excellent for families and kids on Lake Michigan because it offers plenty of amenities such as soft sand, clear water, clean restrooms, picnic tables, and grills. It also has an accessible ramp to the beach and into the dunes so everyone can enjoy themselves. Additionally, an area is designated specifically for dogs to enjoy the beach – perfect for those who want to bring their fur babies along!

    Located at 3205 W Sherman Blvd in Muskegon, MI 49441, Douglas Beach Park has plenty of space for activities – you won’t have to worry about hitting fellow sun-worshipers during a game of paddle ball here!

    Douglas Beach Park

    6. Laketown Beach

    Lakefront Beach in Michigan is excellent for families and kids because it offers free parking, Wi-fi, and spectacular views of Lake Michigan. The surrounding area is also ripe for exploration, with the lighthouse being a popular spot that offers tours. Families can enjoy their time at this beach without worrying about additional expenses.

    The beach is located between Holland and Saugatuck on 420 N Lakeshore Dr in Ludington, MI 49431. It is easily accessible via car or public transportation, and plenty of parking spaces are available nearby. Additionally, there are restrooms on-site for convenience.

    Laketown Beach

    7. North Beach South Haven

    North Beach South Haven is an excellent beach because it offers plenty of amenities such as parking, concessions, play equipment, and restrooms. This makes it easy for families to enjoy their day without having to worry about finding these necessities.

    North Beach South Haven is located at 45 Lakeshore Dr, South Haven, MI 49090, and 60 Water St, South Haven, MI 49090. It also has access to stunning views from its pier that extends out into Lake Michigan.

    North Beach South Haven

    8. Thorne Swift Nature Preserve Beach

    Thorne Swift Nature Preserve is an excellent place for families because it offers an abundance of plant and animal life and beautiful trails through wind-swept dunes, hardwood forests, and wetlands. It also has a discreet little beach with golden sand that provides pleasant breezes.

    Thorne Swift Nature Preserve is located in Michigan and is 30 acres in size. There are lodging options available such as Boyne Highlands Resort (2 guests), Log Cabin (4 guests), and Harborview Cottage (7 guests).

    Thorne Swift Nature Preserve

    9. Van Buren State Park Beach

    Van Buren State Park offers modern restroom buildings, a picnic shelter area, and one mile of sandy beach. The high dune formations provide a beautiful backdrop for photographs, while the facilities ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

    The park is at 23960 Ruggles Rd, South Haven, MI 49090, and can be accessed via car or bicycle from nearby roads such as M-104 or US 31. The parking lot is conveniently close to the beach, so visitors can easily access it without walking too far from their vehicles.

    Van Buren State Park

    10. Deerlick Creek Beach

    Deerlick Creek Beach is great for families and kids on Lake Michigan because it is free, quiet, and allows leashed dogs. It also provides easy access to kayak launching from the mouth of the small creek.

    The beach is located at 13th Avenue South Haven, MI 49090, and can be accessed easily by car or boat. It features ample parking space for vehicles and picnic tables for those who want to enjoy lunch with a scenic view of Lake Michigan. The small creek also offers plenty of room for children to explore while swimming or playing with water toys.

    Deerlick Creek Beach

    11. Duck Lake State Park Beach

    Duck Lake State Park offers a variety of amenities, such as a picnic area, beach house, and boat launch. Families can enjoy spending time together while exploring the park’s 1,000 acres of land or relaxing on the peaceful waters of Duck Lake.

    Located in Muskegon, MI 49445, Duck Lake State Park is a day-use park along a secluded strip of Lake Michigan shoreline. It has an attractive channel that empties into the lake, perfect for younger kids who don’t enjoy calmer waters. Families can also take advantage of the park’s picnic area and beach house or explore its 1,000 acres of land if they want to escape civilization for a while.

    Duck Lake State Park

    12. PJ Hoffmaster State Park Beach

    PJ Hoffmaster State Park is an excellent beach for families and kids on Lake Michigan due to its beautiful, expansive shoreline, towering dunes, and panoramic views. The park offers a wide, sandy beach, restrooms, camping facilities, and grills for convenience. Additionally, the Gillette Nature Center provides information about the surrounding flora and fauna, which adds an educational element to your visit.

    The park is just five miles north of Grand Haven, making it easily accessible from Muskegon or other nearby towns on Lake Michigan’s west coast. With three miles of sandy coastline along Lake Michigan plus miles of hiking trails that are perfect for birdwatching enthusiasts, PJ Hoffmaster State Park has everything needed for an unforgettable day at the beach!

    PJ Hoffmaster State Park

    13. Pere Marquette Beach

    Pere Marquette Beach is an excellent beach for families and kids on Lake Michigan because of its beautiful scenery and ample amenities. It features a 200-foot handicap-accessible walkway on the beach, allowing everyone to enjoy the sand without difficulty. The beach also has facilities such as a snack bar, beach house, restrooms, playground and picnic area, and sand volleyball courts. This ensures that everyone can have an enjoyable experience at Pere Marquette Beach regardless of age or ability level.

    Pere Marquette Beach is located in Muskegon County on Channel Drive off of West Western Avenue near Hoffmaster State Park in Muskegon 49441. It’s approximately an hour’s drive from Grand Rapids or Traverse City. The park includes plenty of parking spaces for visitors who wish to take advantage of its beauty during sunset hours or throughout the day.

    Pere Marquette Beach

    14. Kruse Park Beach

    Kruse Park beach is excellent for families and kids on Lake Michigan. It is only 22 miles from Casnovia, offering easy access for those who want to spend their day at the beach. The park has a playground, picnic tables, and grills for cooking out. The beach also has a bathhouse, making it easy to clean up after a day in the sun. Additionally, Kruse Park offers bathroom facilities, a fishing dock, and plenty of picnic tables and grills for families to enjoy themselves.

    Kruse Park also has a shaded playground, which provides a different fun way for kids to play while parents can relax by the lake or take advantage of its nature trails. With 68 acres of sandy beach area available, it can accommodate plenty of people at once without feeling crowded or cramped.

    Kruse Park Beach

    15. Muskegon State Park Beach

    Muskegon State Park offers many amenities, such as restrooms, a beach house, a picnic area, playgrounds, and a boat launch. In addition to these practical facilities, it is also scenic and beautiful, with over two miles of shoreline to explore.

    Muskegon State Park has numerous state parks that offer campsites perfect for enjoying the rustic relaxation of Michigan’s natural landscape. There are also dozens of convenient amenities nearby, such as picnic areas on the beach and playgrounds, creating an ideal environment for families seeking a fun-filled Lake Michigan beach vacation.

    Muskegon State Park Beach

    16. Stearns Park Beach

    Stearns Park Beach in Ludington is one of the best free beaches on Lake Michigan for families and kids. The park also offers a beach wheelchair for those who need it, making it easier for everyone to enjoy the water.

    Stearns Park Beach is located in Benton Harbor, Michigan, and offers plenty of parking spaces nearby. It has an area of over 40 acres with sandy beachfront and beautiful views of Lake Michigan. The park also has picnic areas, playgrounds, restrooms, and showers for visitors’ convenience.

    Stearns Park Beach

    17. Lake Harbor Beach

    If you’re looking for a great free beach on Lake Michigan for your family, look no further than Lake Harbor Beach. This beautiful spot is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking, and there’s plenty of room for kids to run around and play.

    Families can visit by foot, bike, car, or boat and take advantage of the walkway down to the lake. Additionally, there are plenty of activities for kids, such as swimming, boating, and fishing.

    Lake Harbor Beach is located at 4635 Lake Harbor Rd in Norton Shores, MI, 49441. It offers stunning views of Lake Michigan and Mona Lake Channel, making it even more attractive for families looking to enjoy their time together by the water’s edge.

    Lake Harbor Beach

    18. Saugatuck Dunes State Park Beach

    Saugatuck Dunes State Park is one of the best free beaches on Lake Michigan for families and kids. The beautiful scenery and the dunes provide a great place to explore. The park offers various activities for all ages, including swimming, hiking, picnicking, and camping.

    These rolling dunes are over 200 feet tall, and dozens of restaurants nearby and plenty of activities to enjoy. It’s a secluded strip next to Lake Michigan that offers a relaxing atmosphere perfect for families looking to spend time together.

    The park is located along a secluded strip of Lake Michigan shoreline in Saugatuck, Michigan. Two entrances into the park – one off West Pines Road and another off Sable Road – lead directly into the parking lot at the beach area. Several hiking trails are also available for visitors who want to explore more areas around the park.

    Saugatuck Dunes State Park Beach

    Tips for having fun at the beach on Lake Michigan

    When planning a trip to the beach on Lake Michigan, families and kids should consider the following tips:

    – Pack plenty of sunscreens, towels, and water bottles.

    – Wear appropriate clothing that is comfortable in the heat and protects against sunburns.

    – Bring along toys such as kites or balls to help pass the time while at the beach.

    – Take advantage of any breeze from Lake Michigan for some added cooling effect.

    Families and kids visiting Lake Michigan beaches should keep in mind that safety is paramount when it comes to watersports, such as swimming or boating. Be aware of currents that may be present near shorelines and any potential dangers from boat traffic in these areas. Additionally, ensure everyone knows where lifeguards are located in an emergency.


    What amenities are available at the Lake Michigan beaches?

    At the Lake Michigan beaches, amenities include:

    – Accessible walkway down to the waterfront.
    – Beach wheelchairs available to borrow in both the Lake Michigan and Hamlin Lake day-use areas.
    -Picnic tables and trash cans for convenience.

    Are there lifeguard areas at the Lake Michigan beaches?

    The beaches of Lake Michigan are some of the best in the world for families and kids. Many of these beaches have lifeguard areas where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery while your children play safely.

    Are there playgrounds or picnic areas at the Lake Michigan beaches?

    Many of the Lake Michigan beaches have playgrounds and picnic areas for families and kids. The best ones include Holland State Park, Grand Haven State Park, and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

    Are there any rental options available at the Lake Michigan beaches?

    There are a few different rental options available at Lake Michigan beaches. You can rent a beach house, condo, or even just a room in someone’s home. There are also plenty of camping and RV sites available. If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, there are several resorts and hotels in the area.

    Are there any restrictions on beach activities at the Lake Michigan beaches?

    There are some restrictions on beach activities at the Lake Michigan beaches. For example, tents and shelters are not allowed on the beach, and no glass bottles or coolers can be taken onto the beach. Additionally, trash bins are located throughout both day-use areas for visitors to dispose of their waste properly.

    What is the best beach to go to on Lake Michigan?

    There are many great beaches on Lake Michigan, but the best one for families and kids depends on what you’re looking for. Warren Dunes State Park is a great option if you want a beach with plenty of activities and amenities. If you’re looking for a more natural setting, Oval Beach in Saugatuck might be more of your style. And if you’re traveling with very young children, consider a stop at Weko Beach in Bridgman.