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How clean is Lake Sinissippi, WI?

How clean is Lake Sinissippi, WI?

Lake Sinissippi is a freshwater lake in Wisconsin that is notable for its clarity. The clear water has made it a popular tourist destination, and is also home to several commercial fisheries.

The lake was formed by a meteor impact in the late Cretaceous period, which created an 18-mile-wide crater. The water is spotless because of its origin and has been designated as a [WI] Clean Water Act (CWA) “Superior” water body.

The lake has also been designated as an Area of Concern under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, and efforts are underway to restore the lake’s water quality. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) is working with residents and businesses to improve water quality, including reducing phosphorus runoff into the lake.

How clean is Lake Sinissippi?

Lake Sinissippi, WI, has had water quality issues due to high levels of phosphorus and algae growth. Efforts have been made to improve the water quality, including implementing agricultural best management practices and reducing nutrient inputs from urban stormwater runoff. While water quality can vary, it’s important to check local water quality reports or contact local authorities before swimming or recreating in the lake.

Lake Sinissippi

Activities at Lake Sinissippi

Lake Sinissippi is a popular place for fishing, boating, and swimming in the summer. The lake is stocked with fish annually by the WI Department of Natural Resources and is a popular place for anglers. The lake also has plenty of vegetation, providing fish food.


Lake Sinissippi is a large artificial lake. It covers 3,078 acres and has over 51 miles of shoreline. The lake is stocked with Panfish, bass, walleye, and muskie fish. Lake Sinissippi offers many recreational activities like fishing, boating, and camping.

Fishing in Lake Sinissippi has been a tradition since the early 1900s. It is a popular destination for anglers from all over the country. Lake Sinissippi is a popular destination for boaters. It has over 1,000 boat slips and more than 3,000 acres of water to explore.

fishing at Sinissippi Lake


Lake Sinissippi is a well-used recreational area with many activities, including boating. Boaters enjoy fishing, water skiing, and other activities on Lake Sinissippi’s 184 miles of shoreline. Lake Sinissippi is Wisconsin’s only navigable lake that offers public boating.

The lake is a popular destination for boaters, and many enjoy fishing on Lake Sinissippi’s shores. Lake Sinissippi can be affected by wind direction, rain, and runoff, but the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) gives it a good rating regarding recreational boating.

boating at Sinissippi Lake


Lake Sinissippi is a popular place for families to go during the summer. It has an area with shallow water that people can wade in and two sandy beaches where they can swim.

The water quality of Lake Sinissippi is good. The water is clean and healthy. Lake Sinissippi is not dangerous to swim because it has lifeguards on duty, and the water quality is very good.

swiming  at Sinissippi Lake

What is Lake Sinissippi known for?

  • It’s clear water.
  • It has a famous beach.
  • The lifeguards on duty.
  • People can fish in it.
  • It is a popular place for families to go.
  • People can swim in it safely.
  • The water quality of Lake Sinissippi is excellent.
  • It has a shallow beach.
  • The water is not clean.

Fishing regulations at Sinissippi Lake

The fishing regulations at Sinissippi Lake are designed to protect the environment and the recreational anglers who visit the lake. The laws prohibit taking all largemouth and smallmouth bass, white bass, northern pike, and catfish over 24 inches long. These fish are considered game fish and can only be taken during legal fishing hours and with legal fishing gear.

The regulations also prohibit the possession of all species of fish from Sinissippi Lake except for walleye, sauger, yellow perch, and crappie. These fish are considered non-game fish and may be possessed at any time.

Sinissippi Lake is a popular fishing destination for anglers of all ages, including children. Fishing regulations have been established to protect the fish population and ensure that fishing remains enjoyable for generations to come—the DNR stocks Sinissippi Lake with walleye, sauger, and yellow perch each year.

fishing at Sinissippi Lake


What is the water temperature of Lake Sinissippi?

It is a cool lake. The water temperature at the lake’s surface is about 25 degrees Celsius (78°F).

How deep is Lake Sinissippi?

The deepest part of the lake is about 16 feet. The average depth of Lake Sinissippi is 5 feet.