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How to Build a DIY Pontoon Houseboat for Cheap

How to Build a DIY Pontoon Houseboat for Cheap

I have had a lot of people ask me about building a pontoon houseboat. I know some DIY plans are out on the internet, but they cost money, and I am not sure how good they are. I have decided to put this article together as a free resource for anyone who wants to build their own pontoon houseboat.

What is a pontoon houseboat?

A pontoon houseboat is a boat that sits on pontoons. These floating platforms allow the houseboat to be stable in water but provide enough flexibility to move it around by a small motor when desired. The best part about owning a pontoon houseboat is that it can be built for cheap.

How to build a Pontoon Houseboat Step by Step

A pontoon houseboat is a boat that has pontoons instead of hulls. Generally, the purpose of this design is to support decking or an upper story to create a powerful platform for living or working on the water.

A pontoon houseboat is typically built from wood, aluminum, steel, and PVC piping. The process of assembling the materials to create this type of houseboat is called “pontooning.”

Find the Right Pontoon Boat

The first step in building a pontoon houseboat is deciding which pontoon boat to use. There are many different sizes and types available, so finding one that suits your needs is not difficult. The first thing to consider when choosing a pontoon boat for your project is the time you plan on spending in the water, as this will determine how big or small you need the ship to be.

If you plan on living aboard your pontoon houseboat, you will want a larger pontoon boat that can provide adequate cabin space and storage for long-term living. However, a smaller boat will be sufficient if you use your pontoon houseboat for vacations or short stays only.

pontoon tubes

Choose the material

Pontoon Houseboats require a lot of materials. You will need two 2x4s for the crossbeams and stringers, three sheets of plywood (each sheet should be 4’x8 ′), two sheets of marine grade plywood, a pack of screws, and some PVC pipe. The materials will cost you around $400-$600, depending on where you get them.

material for  house boat boat

Get the pontoons to your houseboat site.

Many people tow them behind their cars, but they’re heavy. I think a better idea is to get a trailer and haul them on that. If you have to pay for a trailer, it will cost $100. If you can get a friend to help you, it will be less expensive. I’ve seen a place that rents trailers for $30.

Build your pontoon houseboat frame

The pontoon boat is generally built upside-down, with the decking and floorboards on top. You’ll need two 2x6s, some plywood sheets, and a lot of screws.

You’ll need to cut the 2×6 boards in half lengthwise to create two long pieces. You can also buy pre-cut 2x6s and save some effort. Lay the two pieces on top of each other, with one end resting against a wall or any object that will keep it steady.

Put plywood sheets on the 2x6s, and screw them down. Then you can cut a plywood sheet in half lengthwise to create two long boards that will serve as your houseboat’s sides.

The last thing you need to do is attach the sides of your pontoon boat to the floorboards and 2x6s that make up its frame. You can use screws to attach the sides to the floorboards and 2x6s. You can also use nails for this part of your houseboat building project if you want.

The last step of your DIY houseboat project is to use a paint roller to cover the floor and walls of your pontoon boat with two coats of marine-grade polyurethane. This will protect the wood from water damage and make your pontoon boat look much nicer. And that’s all there is to making a DIY houseboat for cheap!

pontoon houseboat frame

What factors should you keep in mind when trying to convert a pontoon boat into a houseboat?

Before building a pontoon houseboat, you must ensure the boat is in good condition. Most people will buy an old pontoon boat for this purpose because it’s cheaper than buying a new one. However, it would be best if you made sure the ship was seaworthy and didn’t have any leaks.

It would be best if you also decided how big a houseboat you want. You can build a small floating home that’s only big enough for one or two people or a large houseboat with several rooms.

If you want to be able to move your houseboat around, you need to have a motor. This will allow you to move it from one spot on the lake to another. The problem is that houseboats are usually heavy and don’t have a powerful motor. You’ll have to research and find the right combination of horsepower and weight if you want your houseboat to be mobile.

Most people who build a DIY pontoon houseboat opt for a fixed location. This means they anchor their boats to the bottom of the lake and don’t move them at all. The advantage is that you can build your home right over the water, which will be very stable. The disadvantage is that you’ll have to pay for a dock permit if you want to be able to park your boat in one place permanently.

What are the benefits of building a pontoon houseboat?

The benefits of building a pontoon houseboat include the ability to customize your boat to your needs, saving on costs, and enjoying the outdoors. Building a pontoon houseboat allows you to use it for recreation or fishing. You can save money on fees by customizing your boat to fit your specific needs.

Pontoon boats are versatile and can be used for recreation or fishing, which is why they’re popular among homeowners. Pontoon boats are also easy to operate and maintain, making them perfect for first-time boaters.

If you’re looking for a new boat, consider building your pontoon houseboat. Pontoon boats are easy to assemble and cost less than many other boats. You can use the boat for recreation or fishing, depending on your needs.

Building a pontoon houseboat allows you to customize the boat to meet your specific needs. If you plan on using the boat primarily for fishing, you can outfit it with rod holders. You’ll need a large deck and seating area if you want to use the boat for recreation, such as tubing or wakeboarding.

What are some tips for building a pontoon houseboat?

Some tips for building a pontoon houseboat include choosing the right type of boat, finding the right location, and preparing the site.

You can also build your boat using simple tools and materials.

Building a DIY pontoon houseboat is a cost-effective way to enjoy water sports without spending much money.

It’s also an easy project that you can do on your own with minimal planning or construction experience.

There are many different types of boats available, so you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs and style.

The most crucial part of building a pontoon houseboat is ensuring the site is ready and checked for safety before beginning construction.

How much does it cost to build a pontoon houseboat?

Once you’ve gathered all of the necessary supplies, it’s time to start construction! Building a DIY pontoon houseboat is an affordable way to have your watercraft. It can cost between $5,000 and $10,000 to create one, depending on the size and features of the boat. You’ll need materials like lumber, plywood, nails, screws, decking materials (like cedar or treated pine), and marine hardware (like cleats or tie-downs). Many online resources provide detailed instructions for building a pontoon houseboat.

How long does it take to build a pontoon houseboat?

It takes about two weeks to build a pontoon houseboat. The process includes cutting the lumber, assembling the parts, and painting it. You also need to install the hardware and finish the boat. You can build a pontoon houseboat in your backyard or on a large property, but you’ll need to check with your local zoning laws before starting construction. Most cities require that you have a building permit.

How can I customize my pontoon houseboat?

Pontoon houseboats are great for fun and easy transportation. You can customize them to make them look and feel like your own, adding or removing features, changing the boat’s color, or even building a dock. You can also find accessories that will help you enjoy your pontoon houseboat more (like fishing poles) or even add a small kitchen.

How do I care for my pontoon houseboat?

Caring for your pontoon houseboat involves regular cleaning and maintenance. Pontoon houseboats are meant for recreational use, so keeping them clean and in good condition is necessary. Cleaning can be done with a hose or bucket; engine, propellers, and seals should also be checked regularly for damage.