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Pontoon Boat Dimensions: Standard, Average, Longest, Compact, and More

Pontoon Boat Dimensions: Standard, Average, Longest, Compact, and More

A pontoon boat is a flat-bottomed boat supported by pontoons, or tubes, on either side. Pontoon boats are popular leisure activities like fishing, swimming, and sunbathing. They can also transport people or cargo from one place to another.

Pontoon boats come in various sizes, from small, compact boats to large, long boats. The size of a pontoon boat is usually determined by its number of pontoons or tubes. The more pontoons a boat has, the longer and wider it will be.

Pontoon boats can be made from various materials, including aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass. The most common type of pontoon boat is the aluminum pontoon boat, which is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Plastic and fiberglass pontoon boats are also popular, as they are durable and easy to maintain.

No matter what size or type of pontoon boat you are looking for, there is sure to be one that meets your needs.

Pontoon Boat Dimensions


The average dimensions of pontoon boats vary depending on the size and type of the pontoon boat. For example, the average length of a pontoon boat is 20-22 feet, but the average width is only 8 feet. The average height of a pontoon boat is between 7 to 9.


The smallest pontoon boats are generally between 16 to 18 feet long with a width of 7 to 10 feet. These small pontoons are typically used for fishing, with one seat on either side of the boat. They have a steering wheel and an engine as well.


The largest pontoon boats are generally between 25 and 28 feet long, with a width of 10 to 12 feet. The height of large pontoons is usually between 8 and 10 feet.

What Size of Pontoon is the best?

The answer to this question depends on what you use the pontoon boat for. If you need a stable boat that many people will use, the best size would be a long pontoon boat. If you need a boat that is easy to handle, then the best size would be a mini or compact pontoon boat. The best way to choose what pontoon size is best for you is to decide what you will use the boat for. Then choose a size that works well with your needs.

Pontoon boats

Pontoon boat dimensions compare to other boat types

Pontoon boats, as compared to other boat types, are generally longer and wider. A standard pontoon boat is around 18 feet long and 10 feet wide, while a small one is between 16 to 18 feet in length and 7 to 10 feet in width. This makes pontoon boats suitable for carrying a lot of cargo, as they have a lot of space.

What size of Pontoon is most Commonly Used?

The most commonly used pontoon boat size is the standard length. This is an excellent all-around size that works well for families and groups of people who want to go out on the water together. The typical pontoon boat is 20 feet long. This size Pontoon can accommodate up to 10 people at one time.

Are All Pontoons The Same Width?

Most pontoon boats are about 8.5 feet wide, but some are as wide as 12 feet. The boat’s width will affect how many people can comfortably sit on the ship and how much gear you can bring. A wider pontoon will also be more stable in the water than a narrower one.

What size motor does a pontoon boat need?

The average size motor for a pontoon boat is between 50 and 150 horsepower. The size of the engine will determine the top speed and how much weight the pontoon boat can carry.

How much does a pontoon boat weigh?

A pontoon boat’s weight depends on the ship’s size and type. The average pontoon boat weighs between 2,000 and 4,000 pounds (907 and 1,814 kilograms). Pontoon boats can be made from aluminum or fiberglass, and they can be either standard or extended.

What is the standard pontoon boat height?

The standard pontoon boat height is typically 8 to 10 feet. However, there are a variety of pontoon boat sizes that range from mini to large. The average pontoon boat length generally is between 20 and 30 feet. The longest pontoon boat on record is 42 feet. The widest pontoon boat is also 42 feet.

How many people can fit on a pontoon boat?

The average pontoon boat can seat 8 to 12 people comfortably. However, the specific number of people that can be accommodated will depend on the size and layout of the pontoon boat. For example, a pontoon boat with a lounge area will be able to seat more people than a pontoon boat with a traditional layout.

What size trailer do I need for a pontoon boat?

The trailer size you need will depend on the length and width of your pontoon boat. For example, a 20-foot pontoon boat will require a 20-inch wide trailer, whereas a 40-foot pontoon boat will need a 48-inch wide trailer.
If the length and width of your pontoon boat are less than 20 feet, you can tow it with a regular car. If you have a pontoon boat longer than 20 feet, it will require a special trailer.

How Wide is a Pontoon Boat?

The width of a pontoon boat will depend on the model and brand. Most pontoon boats are around 8 to 10 feet wide, but some models can be as wide as 12 or 14 feet. The average width of a pontoon boat is 8 feet.