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The Ultimate Utah Lake Fishing Guide

The Ultimate Utah Lake Fishing Guide

Utah is a very diverse state. It has mountains, deserts, forests and some of the most beautiful lakes in the country. One of these lakes is Utah Lake which lies just outside Salt Lake City.

The lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides and the Great Salt Lake on the fourth side. The water in Utah Lake can be as transparent as glass, or it can have a greenish tinge. It can be calm and peaceful or rough and raging. This lake has a wide variety of fish species, but the largemouth bass and channel catfish are the most sought-after.

About Utah Lake

Utah Lake is located in the central part of the state of Utah in the United States. It is a shallow freshwater lake that covers an area of about 380 square kilometers and has a maximum depth of 14 meters. The average depth is 10 meters, and it is considered a warm water lake. The lake was formed by geological faulting and the collapse of an ancient volcano. As such, its bottom is very uneven, with many depressions that hold varying amounts of water. The lake is fed by the Provo and Spanish Fork rivers, which all flow from the Wasatch Mountains to its north.

Popular Utah lake Fish Species

There are various types of fish in Utah Lake, and they all enjoy different types of bait. Utah Lake is a great place to do it, regardless of the kind of fish you’re looking to catch. There’s something for everyone with a variety of fish species and plenty of spots to choose from. Bring the correct tackle and bait for the job, and you will have a successful day on the water.

Channel catfish

The channel catfish is the most common fish found in Utah Lake. Channel Catfish can be identified by their long whiskers and the broad, flat head. They are typically caught with bait like worms, dough balls, or corn on a hook.

Channel Catfish spawn in the waters of Utah Lake around mid-May and well into June. The best time to catch these fish is around mid-May to early June, when they are most active. The prime spawning areas for channel catfish are American Fork Boat Harbor, Powell Slough, and the Utah Lake State Park, Marina. The best bait for channel catfish is the shrimp and nightcrawler combo, night crawlers alone, link sausage, and commercial stink lures, preferably blood and fish flavors.

White Bass

White Bass is another one of the most popular fish found in Utah lakes. Commonly referred to as “whitefish,” white Bass are white or silver with long, slender bodies and black fins. They are the most abundant fish in Utah lakes and can be found throughout the water column.

The best time to catch white Bass is during the spawn and summer months. The best time to fish for white Bass is during the early morning and late evening hours when they are feeding. Try fishing close to shore in areas such as the American Fork Boat Harbor or Powell Slough. Use a slip sinker rig to catch catfish, or use different bait depending on your type.

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass can be found in many different locations in Utah. They are a popular choice for fishing, as they are known to have a good fight. Spawning usually takes place around mid-May to late June. During this time, catfishing opportunities abound in places like American Fork Boat Harbor, Powell Slough, and the Utah Lake State Park Marina.

Largemouth bass typically feeds during the early morning and evening hours. However, you can also catch them at other times of the day. The best baits for largemouth bass vary depending on the time of year and water conditions, but some of the most popular include shrimp and night crawler combos, night crawlers alone, link sausage, and commercial stink baits with blood and fish flavors.

You can catch Largemouth Bass using a variety of different types of tackle. You’ll need a heavy line in areas with lots of vegetation to avoid getting snagged. A slip sinker rig is a good option for largemouth bass, as it uses a bullet sinker to suspend the bait just off the bottom. You can use different baits depending on what type of fish you’re targeting – for example, night crawlers work well for catfish, while chicken livers are a good choice for carp.

No matter what time of year it is or what type of bait you use, fishing for largemouth bass in Utah can be a fun and rewarding experience.


The bluegill fish is a popular sportfish in Utah Lake. It is a member of the sunfish family and typically grows to be about 8 inches long. Bluegill is easily caught on small spinners, spoons, or flies fished under a bobber. They are also prevalent for catching with minnow traps, trotlines, and jug fishing.

Bluegill can be found in most of the shallow water areas of Utah Lake, especially around the islands. They are most active at dawn and dusk when they feed for their next meal.

 Bluegill can be found in most of Utah Lake, but they are more abundant around the islands and shorelines. When looking for bluegill, look for the small schools of fish darting around and feeding. They can also be found in deeper water but tend to stay in shallow water during the day.

Ice fishing


If you want to do some fishing in Utah, you may want to target carp. Carp are a type of fish that you can find in Utah lake. They’re not the easiest fish to catch, but they can be rewarding. Here are some tips on how to catch carp in Utah lake.

First, you’ll need the correct tackle. A lot of other anglers choose to target carp and chicken liver, so make sure your tackle is up for the task. You can use several rigs to catch carp fish, including the slip sink rig. Be prepared for challenging fishing conditions, as catfish can be pretty solid and resistant to capture.

Next, it’s time to choose your bait. Bait choices include shrimp, night crawlers, and carp meat. Use a treble hook for other baits such as stink baits, sausage, or chicken livers. The prime spawning areas for catfish are the American Fork Boat Harbor and Powell Slough. Carp spawn in Utah Lake in May and June, so try targeting those areas during those months for the best results.

Catfishing is good in the morning and night, so don’t limit yourself to just one time of day when trying to catch carp. The most successful baits are shrimp and night crawlers, followed by night crawlers alone, commercial stink baits with blood and fish flavors, and link sausage.

With the correct tackle and bait, you should be able to catch carp in Utah lake. Be prepared for a challenge, as these fish can be tricky to reel in. But the rewards are worth it if you’re successful.

carp fish

Other Utah Fishing Tips

All anglers over four must have a valid fishing license to fish in Utah. You can purchase a license online or from a variety of retail locations. A one-day fishing license costs $15 for residents and $20 for non-residents.

Bait fishing is allowed at most Utah fisheries. However, there are some exceptions. For example, bait is not permitted at Strawberry Reservoir. Check the website for regulations before heading out to fish.

Fishing in Utah can be a great experience, but it’s essential to be prepared and follow the rules. With some planning, you can ensure a fun and successful day on the water.

Utah Lake Fishing Hotspots

The best fishing spots around Utah Lake are Lincoln Beach, Bird Island, The Knolls, Lindon Boat Harbor, Pelican Bay, and Provo Harbor. The best baits for catfish are white bass meat, carp meat, and minnows. Nightcrawlers are also great bait for catfish. The best baits for other fish around Utah Lake are carp meat, nightcrawlers, white bass meat, shrimp, chicken liver, and stank baits.

Do you need a fishing permit at Utah lake?

To fish in Utah Lake, you must have a valid fishing license. You can fish with bait at most Utah fisheries; however, some special fishing regulations are in place for some lake regions. For example, the San Juan River Delta is a Special Fishery Area where only artificial flies and lures may be used.

Is Utah Lake suitable for fishing?

Various fish can be found in Utah Lake, with catfish being the most popular. The best time to fish for catfish is during the summer months. There are a number of great fishing spots around Utah Lake for catfish, with the best baits being meatier baits such as white Bass, carp meat, and minnows. Use fresh bait for the best results. Other effective baits include nightcrawlers, shrimp, crawdads, and chicken liver. Stank baits (hot dogs, chicken liver) are also effective. The best time to fish for catfish is late evening/early night hours.