Are lakes fed by rivers?

Due to the unusual relationship between the temperature of the water and its density, lakes form layers known as thermoclines, i.e. layers with drastic differences in temperature relative to depth. Lakes are discrete, largely isolated ecosystems where the interplay of physical, biogeochemical and organismal processes can be studied, understood and used for effective management. As… Continue reading Are lakes fed by rivers?

What lake has sharks?

I’m beginning to think that if Ontario set up a programme to explore and catch sharks in the Great Lakes, it would probably find them. Supposedly there are interlocking underwater channels between the Great Lakes. Secondly, most sharks can only tolerate salt water or at least brackish water, so freshwater rivers and lakes are generally… Continue reading What lake has sharks?

Is great capitalized?

During World War II, the region became the world’s epicentre for motorised land vehicles, including cars, trucks and jeeps, as well as a major supplier of engines, transmissions and electrical components for the war-related aerospace industry. The Land Ordinance of 1785 specified how land was to be distributed in the Territory, favouring sale in small… Continue reading Is great capitalized?

Why lake should be preserved?

Ponds and lakes are scattered all over the world and can either be temporary and seasonal or last for hundreds of years. Ecosystem ecology has extensive knowledge of the physical, chemical and biotic processes in lakes and their watersheds. The National Wildlife Federation led the effort to negotiate and adopt the Great Lakes Compact. A… Continue reading Why lake should be preserved?

Can there be rip currents in a lake?

In cases where the Coriolis force is a significant factor, the current of a lake tends to move to the right (in the Northern Hemisphere). Scientists say it is much more complicated than that. Decreased swimming ability is the leading cause of drowning, especially in lakes where swimmers may try to reach the other shore… Continue reading Can there be rip currents in a lake?

How do you survive a whirlpool in a lake?

The Army Corps of Engineers, which operates the dam and lake, expected the whirlpool to continue until the lake reached normal seasonal water levels by the end of July. Whirlpools are not limited to the ocean, although ocean whirlpools (which are usually influenced by tides) are usually much larger than other examples. Whirlpools are quite… Continue reading How do you survive a whirlpool in a lake?